Heat-resistant conveyor belt

Heat-resistant conveyor belt

The heat-resistant conveyor belt is mainly used to transport high-temperature materials, such as sinter, hot coke, cement clinker, hot castings and other materials. The EPDM or SBR shall be adopted as cover rubber respectively based on the main performance of damaged belt which lose transport capacity and different level of heat resistance;  high-strength and high-penetration polyester canvas or cotton canvas are used as the strength layer

The heat resistance epoxy glass-cloth can be added in between cover rubber and framework so as to improve its service life .

The endless belt can be made based on  customers’ requirement.


T1:Could be resistant less than 100 test temperature.
T2:Could be resistant less than 125 test temperature.
T3:Could be resistant less than 150 test temperature.
T4:Could be resistant less than 175 test temperature. 

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