How to prevent the stripping of the conveyor belt

The use of the conveyor belt is more and more widely used in the operation of the machine will usually use the conveyor belt, and the role of the conveyor belt is very important. But sometimes the conveyor belt in the use of fracture, peeling, wear and so on, which will not only affect the operation of the machine itself, but also to the enterprise's work process impact, then the use of conveyor belt how to prevent this phenomenon What happened?

The main material for the production of the conveyor belt is rubber, rubber composition is good or bad and the technical level is directly related to the conveyor belt life, and some enterprises in the production of conveyor belt may be because of the high cost of using low-quality rubber, coupled with the use of time Note that some of the direct sunlight, will naturally lead to the conveyor belt short life and fracture.

One of the most important way to prevent the conveyor belt is to use in the maintenance of more, do not let the conveyor belt contact with the sun and corrosive substances, these substances will be affected by the conveyor belt, the sun will be directly through the conveyor belt will harden. In addition to the above, but also to make the conveyor belt away from high temperature, high temperature will make the conveyor belt deformation, the impact of late use, of course, the relative effect of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt in the role of mechanical operation is very important, enterprises in the use and maintenance must be more attention. The cause of these consequences may be that the baffle is not suitable for the conveyor belt. We should adjust the length of the baffle length until the material on the conveyor belt is stable. The baffle is preferably fan-shaped in the direction of operation and can be adjusted to reduce the size of the opening to reduce the bite of the conveyor belt. Causing the conveyor belt sometimes appear to scratch, tear, wave column, stripping, abnormal wear and tear, etc. may be the direction of feeding is not appropriate. That is, the material falling direction and conveyor belt running direction is different, resulting in lateral force, so that the conveyor belt deviation or damage.

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