Rubber conveyor belt bending discount reasons

Rubber conveyor belt with wear-resistant belt, heat-resistant, alkali-resistant, cold belt and other characteristics, widely used in mining, metallurgy, steel, water, food and other enterprises of solid material transport, rubber conveyor belt as a carrier and other means of transport Compared with easy to use, easy maintenance. Low freight, etc., to shorten the transport distance and so on.
Rubber conveyor belt with the sometimes bending phenomenon will occur, seriously affecting the use of conveyor belt performance is not conducive to safe production. The reason for this is as follows: the thickness of the strip on both sides of the different thickness of the side is easy to be elongated, inconsistent length will cause bending. With the core of the fight is unreasonable, with both sides of the tape with inconsistent lead to the same force in the stretch, the elastic will be different, which will inevitably make the conveyor belt bending discount. The angle of the pull gripper is not well controlled. When the host is not a straight line when easy to pull the film with a blank, forming a bending discount shape.
Rubber conveyor belt forward run support and forward traction FQ, support and rotational force Fz and transverse force FC traction force decomposition, the roller axial movement of the lateral component, the roller bracket fixed roller does not move axially, it will inevitably A reaction force Fy is generated for the conveyor belt, which moves the conveyor belt to the other side, resulting in a deviation. It is difficult to understand the reasons for the deviation of the rubber conveyor belt, and the adjustment method becomes clear.

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