What are the precautions in the use of the conveyor belt?
Rib conveyor belt is widely used in the material transportation industry, its advantages are many, transport volume, the material is not easy to leak, anti-slipping, welcomed by the majority of customers. Then the use of ribbons conveyor belt in the process of what matters:
1. Do not use different straps together.
2. The direction of the transport material and the rate of material falling are consistent with the direction and speed of the tape.
3. Empty machine to prevent the motor overload and large angle conveyor belt slip, before the shutdown, all the materials unloaded.
4. In the use of ribbed conveyor belt to prevent folding, hard phase pressure. Should be curled use and custody.
5. Flap conveyor belt tension should not be too large, should ensure that the use of the minimum tension.
6. In the use of the conveyor belt conveyor slip or pull the phenomenon, should be promptly troubleshooting, adjust the tension system to keep the elastic device flexible.
7. Do not transport the tape to run or run the line, should be adjusted in time.

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