How to use the ring conveyor correctly
The conveyor belt is made in the production process will be made of endless conveyor belt conveyor belt, which is characterized by no joints, no damage due to early damage to the service life, tape surface smooth, uniform tension, so the tape running smoothly, the use of stretch Long length.
Ring conveyor belt in the course of the use of elongation, part of which is elastic elongation, in the external force can be restored after the original state. Commonly used fabric conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt elongation is relatively small, NN conveyor belt elongation is relatively large, and in the course of use, NN conveyor belt due to nylon fiber force after the creep is relatively large, so the use of the process , The elongation ratio is increased, and because of the creep of the fiber, the amount that can be retracted after the external force is removed is much smaller than the elongation.

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