Introduction and classification of rubber plate

The rubber plate is made of rubber as the main raw material of the plate products, it can be used as cushion rubber packing machine, vehicle, printing plate, protection board all kinds of acid, alkali and oil, as well as a rubber sealing pad and cushion etc.. The vulcanized rubber sheet can be used as a semi-finished product to produce various model products, ball games, toys, etc..

According to the structure of the rubber sheet: pure rubber, cloth, rubber, striped rubber, conductive rubber, rubber and other rubber and other rubber.

According to the main performance of the rubber sheet: ordinary rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber sheet, anti-static rubber sheet, conductive hose, flame retardant rubber and wear-resistant rubber plate, etc..

Rubber sheet according to its specifications: thin sheet, thick sheet.

Rubber plate is mainly used in military, aviation, industrial and construction industries. According to the characteristics of the utility model, the utility model is suitable for damping, sealing, lining, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, etc.. The main applications in the industrial rubber plate in anticorrosion, wear and impact resistance of the protection equipment and devices, such as rubber plate thermal power plant desulfurization system and water treatment corrosion is mainly used for anti-corrosion, and the rubber plate is mainly in mining wear and impact resistance of the protective equipment and related pipeline equipment, can extend its equipment etc. service life. In the cultural education system is generally used for printing plate.

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