The structure of the rubber pad is six

The arrangement of the rubber pad is mainly related to the structure of the bridge. The following basic principles need to be considered in the arrangement of bearings:

(1). When the upper structure is a spatial structure, the rubber pad should be able to adapt to the deformation of the bridge along the X direction and the transverse direction (Y direction);

(2). The rubber pad must be able to reliably transmit vertical and horizontal forces;

(3). The rubber cushion block should make the longitudinal displacement, transverse displacement and longitudinal and constant rotation angle due to the deformation of the beam should be restrained as far as possible;

(4). When the bridge is located on the flat slope, the fixed rubber pad should be located at the front end of the main driving direction;

(5). Rubber pad should be located in the reaction force with a larger cushion block;

(6). Several rubber pads on the same pier should have similar rotational stiffness;

In a word, the arrangement principle of the rubber pad is not only easy to transfer the reaction force of the support, but also make the rubber pad fully adapt to the free deformation of the beam.

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