Improving the properties of rubber products by new vulcanization process

How to improve the performance of rubber products to improve the performance of the purpose of the following?:

Before vulcanization, there is no cross link between molecules, so it is lack of good physical and mechanical properties. After adding rubber vulcanizing agent, after heat treatment or other methods can make the crosslinked rubber molecules, forming a three-dimensional network structure so that the performance is greatly improved, especially the rubber modulus, elasticity, hardness, tensile strength and a series of physical and mechanical properties can be improved greatly.

Press forming

If the rubber product is thick, it will take a long time for the heat to be transferred to the center of the product. The operation time can be shortened to a certain extent by using high temperature vulcanization, but the edge of the hot plate is often burnt. The injection molding method can shorten the molding cycle and realize automatic operation, which is the most favorable for mass production. Injection pressure also has the following advantages: it can save half finished product preparation, mold products and trimming processes; high quality rubber products can produce stable size, excellent physical and mechanical properties; reduce the curing time, improve production efficiency, reduce the amount of plastic material, reduce cost, reduce waste, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises

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