Why is the conveyor belt easy to crack, disconnect

The strength of the joint is lower than that of the normal belt. Generally connected by mechanical means, the joint strength can only reach 40 - 50% with body strength, cold bonding quality is better, the joint strength can reach 60 - 70%, while the intensity of heat adhesive joint can reach 80 - 90% (joint method is correct, no quality defects). Because the strength of the joint is relatively low, if the bonding method is not correct, the strength of the joint will be lower. Such as surgery, grinding damage and a layer of cloth, excessive grinding, lap length is not enough, the step number is not enough, the rubber adhesive joint performance is not good or has been since sulfur failure, steel wire rope, wire rope and other excessive grinding rust, joint strength will be greatly reduced, when in use, prone to disconnect joint the phenomenon of.

In addition, if the conveyor belt does not use sealing glue, or the direction of the adhesive joint is wrong, the joints prone to cracking (surface area).

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