Use and storage of conveyor belt

1. Conveyor belt type, structure, specification, number of layers should be selected according to the conditions of use.

2. In use, it is strictly prohibited to different categories, different specifications of the tape, connected to use. It is best to use the adhesive bonding method.

3. In the use of the prevention of folding, hard phase pressure.

4. In the use of the general before the start of the empty machine, so as not to overload the motor and conveyor belt slip, stop, the tape should be all finished unloading.

5. The direction of the material and the whereabouts of the material are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt. Conveyor belt running speed should not be greater than 2.5 meters a second, large transport block, wear large materials and the use of fixed pear type unloading device should be as low as possible. Beyond the tape speed, will affect the life of the tape. In order to reduce the impact and abrasion of the material on the belt, the feeding direction should follow the direction of the adhesive tape. The fall of the material in the sand pit should be reduced as much as possible. The feed port should be avoided from the top of the roller or roller. The roller spacing should be shortened in the material receiving section.

6. In the use of tension should not be too large, should be with the transmission roller and the material does not slip under the premise of the premise, to ensure that the minimum tension.

7. In the use of the phenomenon of slipping or pulling, should be timely troubleshooting, adjust the tension system, to maintain flexibility.

8. Conveyor belt deviation is the most common failure of belt conveyor, conveyor belt deviation factors. At the same time, because of the different types of belt conveyor, the correction method is not the same. Should be careful analysis of the emergence of the phenomenon of deviation, take appropriate measures in time.

9. Avoid suffering belt rack, block pillar or bulk material, prevent Pengpo tear, find local conveyor belt is damaged, should be timely repair, so as not to expand.

Storage of conveyor belt

1. Conveyor belt in the transport and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain, rain and snow, to prevent the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances in contact with the heating device, one meter away.

2. When the conveyor belt is stored, the storage temperature should be maintained at -15----40 DEG C, and the relative humidity should be maintained at 50- 80%.

3. During the storage and transportation belt, products must be placed into a roll, not folded, should turn once every quarter.

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