The use and storage of large inclined angle conveyor belt

1. Big obliquity Belt should be folded in reciprocating wood or container storage, packing support with bend to prevent blocking of long tensioning. In the transport of the liner cloth, lead the way, avoid rope rib injury. Installation should not use the rigging, you can use wood or steel pipe, so as not to damage the baseband and side.

2. Large angle belt conveyor belt more than 70 degrees angle should be used with the cover, the use of the benefits of the cover tape is to prevent leakage and baseband damage. At the same time can also increase the volume of material.

3. Large angle of the edge of the conveyor belt on the roller requirements than the high requirements of the flat belt. In the case of the same model with the use of flat belt than the roller model.

4 large angle of the conveyor belt conveyor in the return of the need to use the side roller and support belt pulley. Avoid the running of conveyor belt in operation.

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